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Hey Everyone!
My name is Chelsea Callahan and I am the owner of Teal Bliss Boutique!

I am from a small town near the Tampa Bay Area in the state of Florida and many know me as a fun, outgoing, and sometimes sarcastic fashionista. I love all things fashion and have always dreamed of opening my own business, so why not combine the two?

My boutique will be the place where any customer can come and find just what they need for any event or occasion. I am in no way a fashion designer, but I have a keen eye for great design. Offering great styles at an affordable price is what I strive to do. Every woman should be able to look good, feel confident, but also not break the bank. That's where Teal Bliss comes in.

After three years of hard work, planning and research Teal Bliss is finally here!

So please, venture through all of the fabulous designer and designer inspired pieces on Teal Bliss Boutique.

Connect with us on social media and show off your Teal Bliss finds! I would love to hear your suggestions and feed back on what you would like to see on our online boutique.

"Creating anything with passion can only lead to success, because dreams don't work unless you do."

(Yeah, that's my quote.)

Blissfully yours,

Chelsea M. Callahan